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  Times Rates
Standard Rate 8:30am - 3:00pm $69.00 ($11.50p/h)
20 hours ECE rate (optional) 8:30am - 3:00pm $36.00 ($6.00p/h)
Transition to School Class Term (optional)
1:30pm - 3:00pm  
2 sessions per week   $380.00
3 sessions per week   $540.00
Kindergarten Uniform Backpack   $20.00
Application Fee   $20.00
Acceptance of Enrolment Fee   $100.00
Transition Class Enrolment Fee   $50.00
Late Collection Fee   $20.00

All fees exclude GST

The following represents our policies regarding enrolment and fees:

  1. Poppies accepts enrolments for 2 or more sessions per week only.
  2. Daily sessions are to be paid 5 -6 weeks in advance. Optional Transition to School classes are to be paid a term in advance. Poppies Transition to school terms follow the public school term timetable.
  3. The Poppies invoices are issued at the end of every month and the total due is for daily sessions over the next 4-6 week period. They are 7 day invoices and your prompt payment is very much appreciated.
  4. Poppies is closed for children during the July two week public school holidays and at the end of December and most of January when fees are not payable. You will be notified annually of these periods Poppies is closed.
  5. Full fees are payable for all enrolled sessions which fall on statutory days during Poppies’ open periods, Xmas concert/party days, kindergarten outing days, days not attended due to family holidays, days your child is absent due to sickness/doctors appointments or school interviews or any other reason.
  6. Invoices are required to be settled by direct debit.  Please include the child’s full name and their reference code (found on invoice) to appear in the Particulars, Reference and Code banking sections.
  7. There are non-refundable application and acceptance of enrolment fees. Your completed forms for your child to attend Poppies Kindergarten will only be processed if these fees have been paid in full at the time of application and enrolment.
  8. Management must receive 30 days written notice from yourselves if you wish to withdraw your child from Poppies. The 30 days notice is taken from the date your letter/email is received by The Manager or Head Teacher. On receiving the letter, the Manager or Head Teacher will notify you of your child’s final enrolled session. You are required to pay full fees up to and including your child’s final enrolled session.
  9. If a position is offered to you for your child and you do not wish to accept it at the time it is offered, you will be required to pay the full fees if you wish for the place to be held for your child. Poppies staff endeavour to give families as much notice as possible of a place becoming available.
  10. If you wish to alter your child’s enrolment, you must fill out and sign an alteration to enrolment form at the time the changes occur. If you have allocated your 20 hours ECE to Poppies for your child, you must complete a new 20 Hrs ECE Application for Enrolment Form and a new Attestation Form detailing this change. 
  11. Once enrolled, you must sign the “sign in & out sheets” at the front door every time your child arrives and departs and write the time in if it is different to your daily enrolled start and finish times.
  12. If you are 15 or more minutes late to collect your child at the end of the session, you will be charged the late collection fee.
  13. The optional 20 hours ECE daily session rate is available to all 3 – 5 yr old children providing the Application and Attestation Form has been completed in full prior to the commencement of your child's enrolment. If you wish to allocate part of, or all of your entitlement of 20 Hours ECE to another service, the Poppies standard rate will apply to account for the reduced government funding to Poppies. The rates for the optional 20 hours ECE daily session, and the optional ‘Transition to school class term’ are applicable to cover Poppies costs in providing aspects of provision over and above the required legislation and the basic regulated standards, including additional staff beyond the minimum regulated adult/child ratios and a fully equipped gymnasium/Magic Caterpillar transition to school programme.
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Our aim at Poppies is to offer young children a high quality introduction to a successful life of learning.

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