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"Children and their families feel a sense of belonging at Poppies"

We aim for Poppies to be an extension of a caring home; a place offering a broader range of learning experiences in a social environment; a secure and safe place where each member is respected and being nurtured.

The Poppies children will quickly learn that that they are accepted for who they are. They know that what they do can make a difference and that they can explore and try out new activities. They will also recognise that Poppies includes their families and is part of their wider world. Poppies has established a programme that has a meaning and purpose, just as activities and events do at home. Children who attend Poppies are accepted and welcomed regardless of their capabilities. We value and respect the uniqueness of each child.

Parents are invited to be involved in the Poppies programme in ways that are meaningful to them and their child, with opportunities provided for parents to meet each other. Our programme aims to reflect the values, beliefs and customs of all our children's cultural backgrounds and their families. Children learn from being with others of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds eg learning to be respectful of another's ideas and ways of living, developing confidence and skills in relationships with people from all corners of the globe. The teachers foster children's confidence in, and identification with the cultures of both their country of origin and of New Zealand.

The programme at Poppies provides opportunities for interactions with community groups and services, both by children and the elderly visiting outside the kindergarten and by people visiting us. Our programme enables children and their families to be active participants in our community and enables children to learn and grow through being a part of a safe community.

The Poppies children are all allocated their own personalised lockers for their belongings and are therefore able to identify with the environment. We believe that displaying personal photographs, family names, artwork and so on, are significant in establishing a sense of belonging at Poppies. We have designed familiar, unhurried regular routines that children can anticipate such as "tidy up time" and "morning tea time", which provide reassurance and minimises stress for children.

The teachers at Poppies endeavour to make time to communicate with parents regularly regarding their children's progress and development. We listen carefully to the views parents and caregivers have of their children's learning and development and share decision making with them. We have clear guidelines on appropriate and inappropriate behaviour which relate to children's different ages and stages of development. The teachers at Poppies are consistent, reliable and realistic in their expectations and responses and foster a harmonious team approach to teaching. By the time children move to school, we aim for Poppies children to:

  • seek opportunities to share happenings and objects from home
  • have some knowledge about the wider community and environment and be able to take some responsibility for caring for their environment
  • want to contribute to decisions about the class programme and to planning their own activities
  • enjoy repeating favourite stories and activities and be able to sustain projects
  • be confident to make new friends as well as work and play with children they already know
  • understand basic concepts about rules, rights and fairness
  • understand the values of reliability, honesty, consideration and courtesy