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The process for entry to Poppies is by application only (applications can be downloaded from the "Enrolment" tab above). Siblings of families that join Poppies will have priority for entry, as well as extended family members. Children accepted for enrolment must be over 2 years of age. A non refundable fee is payable with the initial application. In addition, a non refundable acceptance of enrolment fee is payable for both the daily and transition to school programmes. Each enrolled child is required to be equipped with a uniform Poppies kindergarten back pack.

Poppies is licensed for 40 children and is run by 6 staff members.

We have 2 spacious classrooms on the lower level and a communal large gym on the upper level.

Class 1 is for our new entrants aged approximately between 2 and 3 ½/4 years old and is managed by 2 qualified teachers.

Class 2 is for children aged approximately between 3 ½/4 and 5 years old and also managed by 2 qualified teachers. The kindergarten also employs a fulltime fifth teacher daily who is available to assist where necessary. Poppies Kindergarten is managed by Alex Ryan who is also a director of Poppies Ltd.

The gym is an area where we are able to join together in a larger unencumbered space to stimulate and promote social, creative and physical development; including dance and drama, music and movement and gross motor skill development especially on wet days.

A child’s initial sense of wellbeing and belonging at Poppies is fundamental. We recognise that ongoing and open communication between parents and teachers is an essential ingredient in meeting the needs of the individual child and the learning and development that will occur.

We welcome our new families by inviting parents and children to attend one or two sessions prior to the child’s first enrolled day. This way the child and parent are able to:

  • Get to know the child's teachers
  • Be introduced to the child's new friends
  • Observe the programme in action
  • Become familiar with the kindergarten environment and routines
  • Ask any questions as they arise
  • Develop an initial sense of well-being and belonging
  • Make any adjustments to personal details on enrolment forms etc.
  • The initial separation can cause anxiety for both child and parent. The teachers at Poppies fully understand and are experienced at handling these initial stages of adjustment for children and parents and will do what they can to assist and support you during this process.

If you feel unsure and would like to discuss a plan with one of your child’s teachers, please do not hesitate to give them a call. We believe it is necessary to discuss a plan without the child a party to the conversation and more importantly expose them to the feelings of uncertainty. It is important that both parents and teachers work together to build the special relationship necessary for a successful adjustment. If we feel it would help, sometimes we organise a buddy system when 1 or 2 of the older children will be asked to spend some time with your child; assist your child by playing with them; instil confidence in your child by demonstrating respect and understanding, support and friendliness.

Parents are welcome to stay with their child for part of, or all of the first enrolled session.

If you decide to stay for the entire session, we recommend that, in order for your child to understand, parents should explain to their child that the next time you come to kindergarten, you will leave them a while, always reassuring them that you will be back.

If your child is finding it hard to separate, we suggest inviting one of your classroom teachers to visit your child at home. We have found that bonding with a teacher in the child’s home environment helps them to feel more secure and happy at Poppies.

On separating from your child for the first time, we stress the importance of saying “goodbye, I will be back soon to collect you.” We do not believe in the sneak out approach. If you would like one of the teachers to take your child by the hand when you depart, then arrange this with the teacher first so that she can make herself available. However once you have decided to leave, we have found that to leave confidently and swiftly is by far the best approach.

Please call us anytime you wish. If your child is clearly not showing any signs of settling, rest assured we will call you. It is our policy to call any child’s parents if their child is or becomes inconsolably upset for any reason.

On your child’s first day, please bring to Poppies 2 photos that your child has selected to attach to their locker and portfolio. Until your child is able to recognise his/her own name, a photo of themselves (or family or friends etc.) helps them to identify which locker or portfolio is their own.

Also on day one, we have an Introducing me sheet which we would like you and your child to complete as the opening page in your child’s portfolio.

This fun activity for parent and child offers information to the teachers about your child. e.g. details about your child’s family, likes and dislikes, strengths and interests, favourite toys, pets etc. We have found that the more you can share, in order for us to get to know your child and family, the easier it is for your child to feel a sense of well-being and belonging at Poppies. In addition to the locker and portfolio photos, you may like to bring in an assortment of photos to accompany the Introducing me activity.

Helpful hints for parents to assist with the settling in process:

Once you have managed a pre-visit, purchase (or obtain from the library) age appropriate books for your child about how much fun it is attending kindergarten (a quick prior read through the book is advisable!)

In the presence of your child, ensure all discussions about going to kindergarten are positive.

Be prepared to spend extra time at Poppies for the first few sessions. At your pre-visits, chat openly with your child’s teachers and new friends. Your child will feel safe and secure particularly if you are able to demonstrate a genuine sense of well-being and belonging. Through this process children will develop trust, which is the foundation for healthy emotional development.

Remember to bring photos in on you child’s first day as mentioned above and a favourite toy or small blanket which the child can hold on to during the settling in time Join in with group activities and assist your child to get to know everyone in his/her group.

Point out to your child that other children are at kindergarten without their parents.

Remember, at the time of your departure, to say “goodbye” and reassure your child that you will be back soon. Be sure and decisive about when it is time to depart demonstrating confidence and trust in the teachers.

If the child is familiar with the routine, parents could say, “I’ll be back at mat time to collect you.”

Return before or at the time you agreed to with your child.

Remember we understand how you feel and are here to support you and your child as best we can.

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Our aim at Poppies is to offer young children a high quality introduction to a successful life of learning.

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